I am an artist born and living in Cheltenham.

From before I can remember, I have always tried to recreate photographic pictures like for like in pencils progressing onto pastels and paints.  I have completed a B-tec National Diploma in Art & Design in Gloucester. I have also completed a Graphic Design and Media course which I enjoyed but really wasn’t for me…Art was.

Every picture I do is special and I try and capture the animals expressions the best I can.  Every hair is individually stroked in pastels or oils to get every detail possible on their face.  My technique has just been self taught and developed naturally over the years.

I really do enjoy trying to make a picture whether its in oils or pastels, come alive with the personality of the subject matter be it a cat, dog, horse,etc. Whatever it is I’m willing to tackle it, I will even do scenery if that’s what you would like!

Below are just a few examples of my work with the photographs I’ve worked from.
The angle of the Hungarian Wire-haired Vizsla is pretty much a good example of how you should aim to take the photograph, as it is quite a flattering angle..

All pastels come mounted and framed, as pastels can smudge very easily.


16″ x 12″ £225 framed

Oil Painting
Prices start from £360

All prices are including postage and packaging, and are based on single head portraits.